How to Be Happy: Part 2 (with Free Printable!)

How to Be Happy: Part 2 with Free Goal Schedule Printable |

Yesterday I was so happy to be writing my post on How to Be Happy that my husband commented on my smiley mood!

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Really, though, after filling out my big picture goals for the different aspects of my life using the printable I gave out (which you can download here ->How to Be Happy: Part 1 Printable |, I started to get excited. It is amazing how taking the time to analyze my life, see what was lacking and what could be made better, and making a plan of action has encouraged me to keep up the momentum! Is it wrong to say that I feel like I am taking charge of my life again? Over the summer we had so many adventures, and over the last few weeks we have had so many visitors, that as school is starting back up and autumn is falling into place, it feels so freeing to be making a new schedule and creating new goals for my life!

Goal Setting Session

In my last post I asked, “During what circumstances or events have I been happy? What circumstances and events have led to feelings of disappointment, sadness, or failure?” I then analyzed my life and my actions and decided what new goals I wanted to put into place for the following aspects of my life; Spiritual Life, Personal Life, Married Life, and Physical Life.

Happiness Goal Making

I listed three attainable goals for each section. Attainable is the key word, as many of my college professors have drilled into my head. If you set goals that are impossible to reach, you will only get discouraged, frustrated, and likely quit trying! I know I have done that many times before (new year’s resolutions, anyone?), so I wanted to make sure I set goals that I knew I could reach with some hard work, discipline, and effort.

Here are my goals I completed in Part 1 (forgive the messy writing, please):

How to Be Happy: Part 1 Filled Out

For my Spiritual Life section, my big picture goals are

• Grow in being a prayer warrior/prayer faithfulness
• Have consistent, daily devotions, including reading and applying Scripture
• Be less STRESSED

These are good goals to have. I know that if I reach these goals, I will be happier, stronger in my faith, and even healthier (because stress is very bad for the body).

But I want to take a more detailed approach to my goal setting.

I want to break down my BIG goals into little steps for scheduled success.

That leads me to today’s FREE Printable Goals Schedule!

How to Be Happy: Part 2 FREE Goal Schedule Printable |

You can download the image above or you can download the word document for easy printing here ->How to Be Happy: Part 2 Printable |

Here is a poor quality picture of how my specific goal sheet turned out:

How to Be Happy: Part 2 Filled Out

I chose to do my Spiritual life aspect first, then after thinking through my three BIG Picture goals, I decided that my goal of growing in prayer faithfulness and my goal of stressing less were likely tied together as the same goal. When I go through my other life aspect BIG Picture goals, I will list each goal on its own sheet and build little steps for each goal.

I worked my way down from the personal BIG goal, to monthly goal, then weekly goals, then daily goals- thinking that each goal is really broken down to smaller things I want to do weekly or daily. For me, this is what it looks like:

Personal Goal: to be less stressed and grow in prayer faithfulness.

Monthly Goal (this could certainly just be one goal, but I wanted to break it down further):
• Create extensive/detailed prayer list for me and those around me
• Create a dedicated “Thankfulness” journal and fill it up!

Weekly Goals:
• Log 3 journal entries a week about feelings, events, and emotions
• Pick a verse each week to memorize/meditate on (to battle stress!)
• Pray with my husband 2-3 times a week TOGETHER

Daily Goals:
• Pray in the morning for at least 5 minutes (before devotionals)
• List 3 things I’m thankful for everyday in Thankfulness journal
• Pray over prayer list, added to as needed

I am going to rate my progress in reaching these goals every week, so I added markings in this section.

I also think it is important to give myself some reward of recognition that I was diligent, disciplined, and reached my goal every month. However, I want this “reward” to be something that helps me reach other goals too! So my reward for meeting my monthly goals and being faithful in my weekly and daily goals is to buy myself a new devotional book (which will aid in my other Spiritual Life goal of faithful devotions!).

I am really excited to go through and use this goal worksheet for the rest of my life aspects and BIG goals! I am going to post about them here occasionally, because I know I can always use more accountability! : )

I still have one more post in my How to Be Happy series! This one requires less work and is more fun, but I truly believe that taking the time to analyze, observe, rework, and set new goals in my life is going to be vital to me being a happier and better person overall!

What are your thoughts on specific goals in your life? How do you increase your happiness? I would love to hear your thoughts- as well as if you use the printable!- in the comments!


4 thoughts on “How to Be Happy: Part 2 (with Free Printable!)

  1. You are so gifted with organizational skills and thought processes! Your printables will be helpful for someone less gifted (like me!) to be more intentional about taking some needed steps.


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