Thrifty Thursday

Hey everyone! We are one day away from the weekend! I, for one, cannot wait as every day this week has been pretty busy with our bathroom remodel! I’ll give more details on our DIY and mini-demolition adventure in another post, because today I want to share with you some of the amazing finds I snagged (and many other things I wanted to snag) this past weekend in our trip to the big city. Saturday we headed out in search of all three Saint Vincent De Paul stores in our capital city- plus a few other fun stops. I found so many furniture pieces I wanted to buy, but alas, I only took home one :).

Housewares $.35 a Pound! | Thrifty Thursday |

Vintage Chair Love | Thrifty Thursday |*insert gushing over all these chairs…. I may have a vintage chair obsession*

Perfect Golden Seat | Thrifty Thursday | Green Wing Back Chair | Thrifty Thursday | This Gigantic Vanity/Dresser is Amaze | Thrifty Thursday | Vintage Furni Love | Thrifty Thursday |

Dresser Needing a Little TLC | Thrifty Thursday |

All of the above items I wanted to buy so badly! The prices were all amazing, but I knew I didn’t have a place or use for all these things…. yet, anyway. We did buy this amazing rocking chair for around $8;

Rocking Chair We Scored | Thrifty Thursday |

as well as a few sweaters, a few books (my love got a huge home improvement book for super cheap!), and some other fun things;

Four Frames for Four Dollars | Thrifty Thursday |
These four matching frames were only $.99 each!

Sweaters and Crazy Love I Found | Thrifty Thursday | .50 Kitschy Christmas Grab Bag Goodies | Thrifty Thursday | $3 Complete Nativity Set | Thrifty Thursday |

I got the grab bag of kitschy Christmas ornaments for $.50 and this complete Nativity set for $3! I may end up painting the set white, but for now it works! Yesterday I went to the thrift stores in town and found a super long Christmas garland for $.95 to go around my kitchen cabinets. I simply added an extra string of lights and adorned it with my thrifted angel band and ta-da! More Christmas Cheer in the kitchen!
$.95 Garland with Thrifted Angel Band | Thrifty Thursday |
And while these weren’t thrifted, my love did buy me some early presents from Gordman’s this weekend… and they have already found their new home in the kitchen! I love the utensil jar (so much better than the cheap clear plastic one I had) and the Christmas sign and mug go perfectly in my current hot cocoa corner (which is still a work in progress).

Non-Thrifted Gordman's Treasures | Thrifty Thursday | New Gordman's Utensil Jar | Thrifty Thursday | Current Hot Cocoa Bar | Thrifty Thursday |

Overall, we had quite an adventure going to new thrift stores and taking away a nice haul this weekend. Hopefully I can score even bigger once those after-Christmas donations come in ;).

Your turn! What are some fun finds you have made recently? Thrifted or New? I would love to hear about your adventures and any tips you have for thrifting!


2 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday

  1. I would swoon over that furniture, too! That long desk/dresser would be a great vanity for a friend! My best thrifted find lately is going to be a Christmas gift for someone. But I can’t decide if I should DIY it or let the giftee personalize it. Also, I love your cute cocoa corner!

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    1. I was thinking the same thing about that dresser- it would be perfect painted white! And I’m sure they are going to love it! I think thrifted gifts are sometimes the best, because they are unique and always a surprise! Thanks for the comment šŸ˜€


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