Back to Blogging and Routine

Life has different seasons.

Blogging Again

These past four months have been the busiest most uncertain season of my life. From my last post, you might recall that we were changing cities after only living in our house for about four months. I then proceeded to not blog for the following four months.

I am sad that I didn’t do a better job of recording things! However, life has been so hectic that I decided to wait until after storm to blog again. Here are a few updates that will be expanded on in the next few weeks:

  • We sold our house after six days on the market, four viewings, and amazingly, four offers.
  • We placed an offer on a new house in our new city a week after we sold our home.
Goodbye and Hello
Saying goodbye to our first home and welcoming the new house with open arms!
  • We moved out of our first home and into our second (much larger!) home the first week of April.
  • We have been working endlessly on renovations throughout the house.
New Floor and Counter
New kitchen counters, new floors throughout, completely renovated Master bath, and several coats of paint everywhere; these are a few of our renovations thus far.
  • I celebrated my 23rd birthday last week (I feel like I’ve aged a decade this last year though!)
  • My love and I celebrated 1 year of marriage on May 23rd!


We took a few pictures in special places (here where he proposed 1.5 years ago, and above is in the town where we got married) to celebrate our first year of marriage.


Though we are still in the midst of home renovations, adjusting to our new environment, and learning to deal with more business trips that keep us apart, we have really grown through these experiences- especially me! Nothing causes you to turn more to God than having EVERYTHING in life pretty much change over two months (though I may have struggled quite a bit on my own first, because #humannature).

The one thing that has really thrown me for a loop has been losing my routine. I’m a veryΒ  type-A personality and usually thrive on structure and routine. HA. those two words could not be more polar opposite of what the past months have been. HOWEVER, I am determined to create a new routine for myself starting this week. Birthdays have a way of making you re-evaluate where you are at in life. I realized that with the goals I have set for myself this year, I need to kick my butt in gear and discipline myself into some structure. Daily devotions in Scripture, regular journaling, and creating a blogging schedule are all a part of this new routine. One of my future blog-posts planned is “How to Re-center Yourself”, so I won’t go into more specifics about this new resolve for my 23rd year now.

Beginning to Blog - Family room

But I will say that I am back to blogging. I am getting back into a routine. I am seeing progress made on our house and am encouraged that this is just a season in our life. I don’t know what our new normal will look like, but I do know that God is working all things in our life for a reason and that I can completely trust His plan for me. And I am so thankful that at least our family room is finished so I can sit in here and blog and momentarily ignore the fact that everywhere else in my house is in disarray. For a season.


I would love to hear from you! What season of life are you going through right now? What is your best advice for getting through the tough seasons? Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog today!





7 thoughts on “Back to Blogging and Routine

  1. Wow, congratulations on your first year of marriage! I’m sincerely happy for you two. Moving into a second house sounds like an adventure and lots of work. How blessed are y’all to have sold your home so quickly too!

    For me, I’m in a new season of entrepreneurship. I quit my day job in March and began pursing my career as a photographer, blogger, retoucher and whatever suits my fancy! I was scared and sometimes I’m still worried about when the next check is coming in. Right now, I’m trusting God to keep me grounded and disciplined on my daily business routine. I’ve also taken up walking, yoga, reading for pleasure and cooking to keep me from getting overly stressed with work. My house is a lot cleaner these days and I’m feeling more fit each day (just in time for the summer!).

    Keep in touch. Have courage,
    Elle | Elleword

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    1. Thank you, Elle! I haven’t been on WordPress much to keep up on all the blogs I follow, but it looks like you’re doing fantastic! Trusting God is always something I need to grow more in. And those sound like wonderful activities to lessen stress and still grow in other aspects! I should take some hints from you πŸ™‚

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  2. We are in a busy season right now too! My husband is a full time seminary student and we both work in the public schools, teach music lessons on the side, and I am getting ready to start a small part time administrative job at our church. My husband is also on the worship team at church and getting ready to take on a more active roll with that…but, being school teachers means we are now on summer break (woo-hoo!) and are hoping to have two months of slower days!

    For me, getting through the tough seasons means lots of prayer and making sure I have protected time alone in the word and with the Lord – I go running a lot for this because it also helps keep my stress down – as a newly married (just celebrated three years…that still counts, right?!) I think it is also important to make sure we show ourselves and our spouses grace in the tough seasons, and make it a point to weather them together. It’s one of the biggest blessings I’ve found in marriage! When we face tough stuff head on as a couple with God at the head, we grow closer to him and to each other.

    Loving your blog, I’m looking forward to following πŸ™‚

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    1. Jessica, thanks for commenting! I just checked out your blog and cannot wait to read more.
      You certainly are in a busy season! I totally agree that prayer needs to be a priority, as well as pursuing Christ. And that’s an awesome reminder about showing spouses grace- I know I need it too, so I especially should be giving it! Happy recent anniversary- and I would still count it has newlywed πŸ™‚

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