Memorial Day Adventure

Work, work, work, work, work; all we planned for our three day weekend was work projects both inside and outside our new home. And sleeping in, but that is a given for us when we stay home for the weekend. We had floors to finish, plumbing to tackle, new locks to install, trees to trim, a yard to be mowed, and a master bath to finish.

(Don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten the fact that I haven’t shared any pictures of our new house on the blog yet. In the weeks to come, you’ll get a room by room before and after tour- but we have to actually finish a few rooms first!)

We decided to take it easy this past weekend, taking breaks in between work to watch a few episodes of “Alone” on the History app (my hubby’s new favorite show), take a drive to catch the sunset, and go walk around the mall and a few thrift stores while we got his oil changed on Sunday. Though I had it in my heart to go to IKEA this weekend and buy a new couch and loveseat for our empty living room, I was settled on the notion to go next weekend instead. Monday morning came and we talked about what projects we would do first, chatted with each of our mothers, and ate brunch.

Before we started on any work, I recalled that this time last year, we were just coming back from our adventure-of-a-lifetime honeymoon! We took a few minutes to look through all 700-some pictures from our trip.

NewlyWeds at the Grand Canyon | Memorial Day Adventure | Honeymoon in the Grand Canyon |Memorial Day Adventure |

Not only did we see the Grand Canyon and stay in Sedona, Arizona for two nights, but we also saw the Hoover Dam (the engineer in my husband HAD to go see it), spent one night in Las Vegas walking the strip and deciding that we never wanted to go there again, AND we spent a night in Los Angeles hanging out at Santa Monica Pier.

Engineer in his happy place - Hoover Dam | Memorial Day Adventure | NewlyWeddedWurl.wordpress.comNewlyweds in Vegas | Memorial Day Adventure | New York in Las Vegas | Memorial Day Adventure |

"Fabulous" Las Vegas Sign | Memorial Day Adventure |

When my husband and I do something, it usually ends up being “go big or go home”. Our honeymoon was a crazy busy week of new sights and miles of travel, but we made some amazing memories and can be satisfied that we made it out west at least once in our life.

Santa Monica Beach | Memorial Day Adventure | Santa Monica Route 66 Sign | Memorial Day Adventure | Windy Newlywed Love | Memorial Day Adventure |

All those memories of adventure and spontaneity sparked something in my love. When we finished reminiscing through all the pictures, he proposed that we skip out on house work and go to Chicago. Since about our second date, he has wanted to take me downtown to see the sights, walk the Navy Pier, and experience the city for the first time. Since the weather was perfect, the day was free, and adventure was on our minds, we headed off to Chi-town midday.

Downtown Chicago | Memorial Day Adventure |

It had been a while since we had gone on a spur-of-the-moment trip, and as I said in this post, we needed some time away from work to reconnect. We were both super excited about what the day would bring- and to be getting a break from work. I was also excited about our third ever trip to IKEA, though I doubt my hubby was, since I had big spending plans :O.

Chicago Cityscape | Memorial Day Adventure | Lovebirds in Chicago | Memorial Day Adventure | My Adventuerer Love at Navy Pier | Memorial Day Adventure |

We walked for quite a while, enjoyed the weather, took in the sights, and appreciated our time together. It felt soooo good to be out having fun after the past few weeks (and months!) of crazy busyness and time apart. My love got to show me some of his favorite buildings and give me a tour of the city, and I was able to see Chicago up close and personal after our dozens of times of driving around the perimeter to get back home.

After our fun downtown, my superhero hubby braved a trip to IKEA with his very excited wife-turned-home-designer. Any trip to IKEA is a little intimidating, since it takes forever and three floors to see everything (and goodness is it easy to get lost or forget where you saw something you liked!), but I can imagine it is even moreso when your wife wants to fill up the house haha. Just look at his face! “What did I get myself into…”

IKEA Haul | Memorial Day Adventure |

I am proud to say that I did come under budget of what we were expecting, even with picking out a last minute rug and duvet cover! The total contents of my haul- along with some house pictures!- will be coming to the blog soon.

Overall, this weekend showed me that
1) We can get work done and have fun at the same time- it’s all in the attitude.
2) Taking time to look back on our memories together is important- not only do we see how far God has brought us in our marriage and our life adventure, but it also draws us closer together as well.
3) Spontaneity and willingness to go outside of what is planned can lead to great things.

Instagram Chicago Loves | Memorial Day Adventure |
My Instagram post to commemorate our day. You can find me there @ newlyweddedwurl . I’ve posted quite a bit of our house renovations there, if you want a sneak peak!

Memorial Day was a wonderful adventure. I can’t wait to see what adventures we have and memories we make throughout this summer!

I would love to hear from you! What did your Memorial Day look like? How do you respond to spontaneity? And if you have gone to IKEA, what are some of your favorite things to look at? Thank you for reading!



2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Adventure

  1. It’s been great catching up on your life! I love that you include so many pictures 🙂 I’m so jealous you’ve already got to go on a big ikea shopping trip…I have to wait until my husband gets his first pay check at the end of July before I even think about getting new sofas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Lauren! That’s a purchase we knew was going to have to happen when we moved, since all the furniture I had in our living room at the last house fills only the family room here. I was going to try to thrift one, but knowing that for basically twice a thrift store price I could get a brand new one (no germs, stains, or unknowns) with slipcovers that could be washed and bleached… Well, it was worth the investment! I can’t wait to see how you set up your new place 🙂


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