Once Upon a Time, We Moved…

April 8th was the day we closed on our new house (we closed on our old house the week before, but that’s a whole other story). Since then we have been renovating the property from mailbox to master bathroom; and its about time I start a series to share the results! To start my Home Makeover Series, let me back up and give some details about the move and start showing you around the new house 🙂

Once Upon a Time, We Moved  NewlyWeddedWurl.Wordpress.com

But first, let’s take a quick look back at what our first house looked like:

Our First Home- Moving Through Change Our First Home | Once Upon a Time, We Moved | NewlyWeddedWurl.Wordpress.com Kitchen | Moving Through Change | Newlyweddedwurl.wordpress.com Our First House Tour | Once Upon a Time, We Moved | NewlyweddedWurl.Wordpress.com

In October of last year, we bought this house; we renovated both bathrooms (installing a much needed tub), added a washer and dryer, and cleaned up the landscape. By the start of February, we were fairly certain we would be moving to accompany an amazing job opportunity my husband had. You can see the pictures I used to list the house here. On February 16, we listed our first house with a little fear about the need to sell and a good dose of faith that if God had so clearly directed our path, he would provide for us. One week, four showings, and four offers later, we sold our home above asking price- and made a decent amount of money off of this home we hated to leave. Later that same week, we placed on offer on my dream home.

First Look at Our Dream House | Once Upon a Time, We Moved | NewlyWeddedWurl.Wordpress.com

Seriously. We spent one day in what was to become our new city and looked at 11 houses with a realtor. ELEVEN. Do you know how hard it is to keep all the details straight when you look at 11 houses in one day? Well, I wasn’t very impressed until we looked at house number 9. I immediately fell in love.

Long View of the House | Once Upon a Time, We Moved | NewlyWeddedWurl.Wordpress.com

With an acre of land, a long driveway, a quiet private neighborhood away from the city, and a long front porch with columns- I was in awe before we even went inside.

Four bedrooms. Two and a half baths. A family room- with a fireplace- living room, AND dining room. Two car garage, basement, and backyard patio. All hardwood flooring upstairs. Natural light. I am pretty sure my face looked like the heart eye emoji.

Kitchen Before | Once Upon a Time, We Moved | NewlyWeddedWurl.Wordpress.comNew Family Room | Once Upon a Time, We Moved |NewWeddedWurl.wordpress.com

Then I was angry. Nothing was going to compare to this place! Why did the realtor show us something outside our budget? I fell in love with the house before I felt the reality of the price.

Living/Dining Room Before | Once Upon a Time, We Moved | NewlyWeddedWurl.Wordpress.com

We prayed about it. We looked at the numbers. We praised God that we had sold our house so quickly and that my husband’s new company would pay for us to live in an apartment for the first three months, until we found a place to live. We crunched, calculated, and carefully thought about every possibility of where money could go. We made a budget that included a hefty chunk of change for renovations on my dream home.

Entryway Before | Once Upon a Time, We Moved | NewlyWeddedWurl.wordpress.com

And you know what? We could make it work.

Honestly, this house I fell in love with was priced well under market value. We found out that a bachelor had lived there for 25 years, got married at the age of 50, and moved out of town after listing his home for sale. The house needed a HUGE cleaning. The yard was overgrown. There was a pile of junk in the driveway that needed to be hauled away. It was going to take some elbow grease and buckets of bleach and vinegar. And paint. And new plumbing. And a washer and dryer. And a dumpster (or two) to throw everything away in. But we could buy this house and make it our own to raise kids, have family gatherings, and grow old together in.

Our New House | Once Upon a Time, We Moved | NewlyWeddedWurl.wordpress.com

We made an offer. We counter-offered. He accepted. And after months of bank communication problems, delays, more problems, frustrations, and a whole lotta patience, we moved in.

Saying goodbye to our first home and welcoming the new house with open arms!

I cannot wait to take you room by room and show you what this place looks like today! It’s been a labor of love between my husband and me (and my mom- thanks mom for helping me paint for days!). This house that I fell in love with is now looking like a home we have made with love.

It has been two months since we moved all our stuff into the garage, started demoing the bathroom, and paint the entire downstairs, and you know what? We still have many months to go. I don’t quite have all my boxes unpacked (fear of actually committing to hang things on the wall has left all my wall pretties in boxes lol). But we are so loving this process of changing every inch of our house into a home we can  at least live in for more than four months lol  grow old together in.

Stay tuned for the next post in this Home Makeover series!

I would love to hear from you! Have you moved into a new place recently? How have you transformed the space into a home? What have been some challenges or blessings you have encountered? Thank you for reading today!



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