Our Story

I started to think it would never happen to me. I thought all the fairytales were false and that life was harder and more challenging than any storybook ending. But one day God crossed my path with a gentleman in an unlikely way. Though we were nervous on the first date, we laughed, we walked the town, we talked for four hours, and we agreed to go on another date. And another. And another. Over the summer we grew strong in our friendship, in our attraction to one another, and in love. God guided our paths together in a miraculous way and exactly one year and 99 dates after the first date, the love of my life asked me to stay with him forever; obviously, I said yes.

Fast-forward through a whirlwind 5 month engagement, beautiful ceremony, a cross-country honeymoon, and a few months later and I’ve discovered that every day I fall more in love with my handsome groom. God works in each of us through the little daily struggles, growing us closer to Him and to each other.

Life is wonderful. God is great. Marriage is awesome (though still takes more work than the storybooks say). And I want the world to know what a wonderful Wurl(d) I’m living in through a godly perspective. This is my blog and our story.



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